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- an inventor of technology for metal nanopowders, alloys and chemical compounds (metal oxides and nitrides) production by the electric explosion of wire (EEW) method.

Our Trends:

Industrial production of metal nanopowders.
Development of innovative nanopowder application technologies.

Unique Character of Metal Nanopowders Produced by the Electric Explosion of Wire method:

  • High chemical activity.
  • Inefficient agglomerating.
  • Possible regulation of size-consist.
  • Energy release which is not connected with chemical behavior of processes along with powder agglomeration.
  • Realization of block nanoparticle structure in powders, produced in particular conditions, i.e. nanoparticles consist of separate 3-10 millimicron blocks (specific area grows up on scale at chemical reaction behavior).
  • Possible synthesis of multicomponent nanoparticles from metals with different thermophysical properties (for example Al-Fe, Zn-Ni, Zn-Cu), that allows to synthesize particles with required phase composition for the tasks of practice.

Application Field of “Advanced Powder Technologies” Production:

  • Hydrogen energy: hydrogen production, separation and storing
  • Systems of broad-band electromagnetic protection on the base of nanocomposites
  • Development of nanopatterned wearproof and erosion-resistant coatings on the base of nanoparticles with high level of corrosion resistance in aggressive medium with increased tribotechnical properties
  • Development of new thermal-resistant sealing materials on the base of nanoparticles
  • Development of updated solder alloys and welding electrode materials with nano-scale components
  • Development of a technology for alloying material production with the usage of nanopowders for details and units, exposed to intensive wear
  • Development of technology for polymer material modification by nanoparticles for recovery of high thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Development of bioactive materials
  • Development of technology for nanomodified coatings production with antifouling and anti-icing effect
  • Nanocatalytic agents, polymeric and metal-polymeric nanocomposites, heat resistant alloys, super-fast consolidating alloys
  • Thin structural ceramics, high-tensile alloys, magnetic nanomaterials, materials with special electrophysical properties
  • Lubrication grease and oil additives, heat- and electrically conductive pastes, anticorrosion paints for metals
  • Sorbtion materials for fluid and gas cleaning, filter materials
  • Nanomaterials for electronic technology
  • Biocompatible materials
  • Magnetic nanoparticles for medicinal products transport
  • New antibacterial medicinal products – an alternative to antibiotics and antiseptics

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